Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hit the ground running... Face First.

Being in Pottersville, NY, since September is far from what I had in mind. Coming at all wasn't even in my sights but God... God knew what he was doing. These past six months that I have been here have honestly rocked my world. First semester flew by, and second semester is brutal so far. But not in the sense of academics, more so in the thing we call Snow Camp. Advice I have/had gotten from so many graduates was to "It's like being on a train that is going 80mph and you have to keep up. Just hit the ground running, keep up, and try not to trip." I didn't have the opportunity to trip because when I hit the ground, it was more on a face-plant in the snow. But by the grace of God I was given a manageable job during this snow camp season(Snow camp, by the way, is an intense 44hour weekend where the students at the Bible Institute was workers and councilors to pour into the lives of the teens placed on our campus). I work the Command Center and the job consists of fun time, fun people, and an awesome  opportunity for us working the Command Center to be the first to see the Salvation's take place, people dedicating their lives to Christ, and even just coming for the assurance of their salvation. So the long nights, and long hours put into that job are well worth more then money could buy. He has given me the most Godly friends I would ask for, really encouraging but challenging at the same time. This year without the friends family I have made would have been anything but easy. But even without them, Christ needs to be enough. The Lord has brought a sweet sweet sister into my life who is a constant reminder of how the Lord graces us with friends for a time, and they won't always be right there by our side. But THAT is the Beauty of the Gospel! Christ is with us today, yesterday, and tomorrow! I love my friends, and life would be so hard anywhere without them, but Christ needs to be my all, my everything, and the only place I lay my foundation and put my trust.  I need His grace upon my life because without it..... I'd have no life.

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