Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm in love...

The grace of God in my life right now is astounding. He's faithful, patient, and He's never stopped pursuing me. Even in my apathy, even in my laziness, and even in my direct disobedience. The past week here has been the hard to say the least. It all started on Tuesday night. We have devotionals in the upper library for our dorm and this week we had a guest speaker. The guy who spoke was by no means an :Incredible" speaker or the nest Piper, but what he shared got through to what I would say would be most of the dorm. But it hit home for me. He was talking about how it is so easy to be a Christian in a place where it is the normal to be one, and how often time we get so accustomed to the ritual of being here and how we grow stagnant and even begin to "Borrow Faith". It was a new concept I don't think I have heard before and it blew my mind. I do that! I borrow the faith of WOL because I just don't care sometimes! Needless to say the majority of us walked soberly back to our dorms. In our room, my roommate and I, James Delay, just began to talk. Talk about things that were going on in our lives, our convictions and it broke me. I have been SO lazy with my faith. but I had come to a stand-still in my walk. I was DOING everything right. I was reading my bible, I was praying, I was doing my quiet time, and nothing was helping me. I didn't see growth in my walk, i didn't see any fruit, and I was just hiding behind my happiness pretending that everything was dandy when I was hurting and didn't know where else to go or what to do next. It took me falling on my face and realizing that I never did any of it to begin with. Christ pulled me from the pits. HE has REDEEMED ME from everything I had done, and even today I am still forgiven. I feel the power and truth behind my prayer now. It's real, it's genuine and i'm craving His word. He's my life.  I'm falling in love with my Savior again. He's exactly what I need and He knows that. Habakkuk 3:17-19 is my life right now. Thank you LORD!!!!!

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